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Witch Hazel Hydrating Toner with Rosewater - 16 oz

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  • A gentle, alcohol-free, hydrating toner with the enticing benefit of its rosewater ingredient.
  • Powered by our exclusive formula with 98% natural, distilled witch hazel and enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E.
  • Removes impurities, moisturizes skin, and refines pores (and all with a nice, floral scent).
  • The dermatologist-recommended witch hazel contains zero parabens, dyes, sulfates, or gluten.
  • Each order includes a single, 16 fl. oz. bottle


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lindsay J
Very happy

Love this. I needed a toner and read good reviews about this. It makes my skin feel so clean. I have very sensitive skin and had no problem.with this so far. I did see alot of complaints on the smell. It isnt terrible.. its subtle , it just isnt the best smell. It just smells like a toner with witch hazel in it. And witch hazel isnt the best smell to me anyway. The smell does not stay long. For how it makes my face feel it is worth it. Would buy again.

S. Atkins
Clear Skin

I have not used a toner in years. I was browsing and saw this item and decided to try it out. My skin feels so clean after using this daily since receiving it. In fact, using this witch hazel product and a dermaplaning tool has left my skin the clearest it has ever been. This will be part of my permanent beauty routine as long as it keeps working for my skin type. I recommend to use with high quality, flat cotton circles. You will see your makeup come off and you will also see residue from your pores lift off.

J. Burns
This is a beauty supply must have!

I love this product! It's such a great addition to my skin care routine. I have super oily skin and it works amazingly well to keep my skin clear and clean. And what a bargain, too! One bottle lasts me about 7 months and that's even with using it twice a day everyday. If I had to find something wrong with it, I'd say the smell is a bit strong but it doesn't linger after applying it. Otherwise, this product is damn near perfect!

Zach Culver

I really liked this. I used it for a few things. It had a pleasant salon kind of smell that I really liked. Did wonderful as a Toner. It was tingly which I didn't mind. I did find that it stung just a smidge if I had a freshly popped zit or other broken skin. Still not a big deal though. It made me feel really fresh and was good at cleaning up grease off my face as well. I used it as a base to make a homemade bug spray too, which to the best of my knowledge worked. It wasn't bug heavy around where I live though.

Miracle product!

This is a miracle product. Funny smell aside, I saw a difference pretty much overnight. Backstory: I used a wax kit to wax my mustache and immediately got little pimples all over the area. After a little research I settled on witch hazel as the remedy and bought this product. So glad I did. Don’t mind my rosacea but I wanted to take a photo without makeup so you could see the results. The pimples had white heads and the one you see I even picked a little bit and I got this product a little over one day ago. Wow! I’m going to start using nightly all over my face!