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Rose Quartz Roller with Gua Sha

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  • Enjoy Their Stares: Use the large rose quartz roller to massage vitamin C Serums, Hyaluronic Acid, Oils, and Moisturizers deep into your skin. Because when you do, the healing ions in our real quartz facial roller combine with these beauty products to soothe inflammation, reduce wrinkles, and flush lymphatic waste and puffiness. The result is clearer skin that will leave everyone else a tiny bit envious.
  • Wind Back The Years: To reduce the facial tension that blocks circulation and retains fluid you'll appreciate the ridged skin roller and gua sha massage tool in this beauty kit. 2-3 times a week give your skin a deeply flawless treatment to unlock the connective tissue that makes us look so worn out. And if you suffer from jaw pain or headaches the guasha tool for the face can revive you from the inside out!
  • Hey There, Bright Eyes! Each pink crystal roller is naturally cooling, but you can safely pop them in the fridge or freezer for a depuffing effect like ice face rollers. And when you do this with our ball-shaped eye-roller tool you'll finally realize what soothing truly means. Place the chilled ball on the closed eye socket, or roll it underneath. Pop this cute little micro roller in your bag for an afternoon touch-up.

Customer Reviews

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Feels great!

I research a lot trying different electric and manual face massagers and per price point, this is an amazing set. The quarts is cool and feels great. I love the 4 types of massage options and the textured roller is created for increase moisturizing. Highly recommend and good price for 4 options.

N. Ware
Best Roller Set Ever

First, it came so adorably packaged and well protected for shipping. Taking it out of the box, you can immediately feel and see the quality put into them. Including the price, I'm not sure there's a better set out there. Me and my girlfriend use them every night, and even if these bad boys didn't have great benefits, I would still use them just as much. They make your face feel so good after a long day.

Heather Vezzetti
Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Got this for my daughter In less than 2 days and she LOVES IT! it’s adorable packaging. It’s worth the price and you can even go to there website movalues.com to see what other great products they have. It came with a guid in how to use each tool, a guide on how to clean the tools and a card to activate a one year warranty! I totally recommend this product. Just received it so my daughter hasnt seen any results yet but She says it feels super nice on the skin. Highly recommend for anyone looking for new beauty tools. Especially teenagers who are trying to start a new skin care routine.

Kat Marie
Beautiful and silent!!

Had a hard time deciding between the jade and rose quartz, but started with this set since I wanted the ridged roller. I love that instructions are included, the rollers seem to be strong, silent and not squeaky, and the foam packing inside the box protected all the pieces during shipping. I really want to get the jade and amethyst just because so they are so pretty!Plus, this set arrived while I am in the middle of a cold/flu. My face is all puffy and sore from all the coughing and sneezing and nose blowing. I followed the instructions for both the roller and the guasha tool, and even used them down on my neck and shoulders a bit. My face feels so much better and the sinus pressure is a lot less too. Don't know if it will help me get better faster bc of the lymph drainage, but hey, can't hurt, might help and I feel better! Really recommend this set.

Great Quality, Great Price, it Works!

I am obsessed with beauty products, anything to help keep my skin at its best. Face rolling is something I have always done, but wanted something a little bit different. This roller is amazing, it has the smooth side and the textured on. The textured one helps get your products absorbed quicker. And there is a mini roller which is great for travel, to keep in my purse... just so cute. The quality is excellent and you cannot beat the price.