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Collagen Peptides Powder - Cranberry Pomegranate - 20 Servings

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    • Supports radiant skin, gorgeous hair & beautiful nails
    • Powerful organic plant-based collagen builders: Silica from Organic Bamboo, Biotin from Organic Sesbania, vitamin C from Organic Amla
    • 12g Grass-fed & pasture-raised collagen peptides (highly absorbable)
    • 1.5 Billion CFU probiotics for enhanced digestion
    • Non-GMO Tested & Certified, Keto Certified & Paleo Friendly, NSF Gluten Free

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Nikki P.
    Go-to collagen

    Great light tatse, can mix with different flavors if you choose to. Best thing is it mixes easily with no bottom of the cup clumps (blend in my ninja) and my skin is improving elasticity. Woohoo win!

    LOVE this!

    I’ve been taking this almost daily for a few weeks now, and my skin just GLOWS and my hair is so shiny. I drink this in a smoothie with frozen berries and coconut oil after my workouts and it really helps for post-workout recovery, too. 10/10 recommend

    Arlan Price Jr
    Good Taste... With Lemonade

    Thank You..Taste Good..

    You instantly feel a difference!

    I’ve been sick recently. But I bought this product before I got sick. I’ve been on a liquid diet which hasn’t really helped, but I mixed this in with my night time smoothie dinner and now, this morning, I’m completely better. As if I was never sick, I’m completely back to normal. This is amazing. I’m drinking my second one this morning and I have so much energy and I’m so vibrant now. I could drink this every day to replace caffeine and to keep myself well

    Taste ok

    I got strawberry lemonade which isn’t great but I mix it with a vanilla protein drink and it’s ok. I’m just happy to get the nutrients I need while I’m dieting. I’m giving it 5 stars because it seems to be helping I feel great after drinking it. Definitely would order again just different flavors