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Lash Mascara - After Midnight Black

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  • A Clean Mascara That Goes Above + Beyond The Expectations Of Any Natural Mascara
  • Buildable + Flake-Free, Limitless Lash Mascara Lifts, Curls, Lengthens & Adds Just The Right Amount Of Volume For Fuller, Healthy-Looking Lashes
  • This Lightweight + Nourishing Formula Is Made With A Blend Of Organic Bee + Carnauba Waxes To Weightlessly Condition Each Lash, While Still Keeping Them Lifted Throughout The Day
  • 99% Natural, 25% Organic, Cruelty-Free
  • Ophthalmologist-Tested, Safe For Sensitive Eyes + Safe For Contact Lens Wearers


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Amy B.

Quite nice! I have tiny little lashes & most mascaras try to add so much volume they end up looking clumpy & get messy on my lashes. This is great b/c it does just what it should. I think the application brush it especially excellent.

T Booker
Long sexy eyelashes

Great mascara to lengthen eyelashes. I would definitely buy again.

Great mascara!!

I am highly allergic to makeup and don’t react to this at all. I also love the brush!


After trying many mascaras, both toxic and non, I've finally found this one that works! My biggest concern with mascara is that it usually runs/smudges underneath and on top of my eyes within an hour or so of wearing it. This Ilia mascara has not smudged/run at all. It's my first day of wearing it and nothing! I have to say, I think any mascara works best when you've let your moisturizer settle/absorb completely. I used two coats on each eye. On the wand, there are two sides: one side has a straight feature (assuming for lengthening) and the other looks like more of a typical mascara wand (assuming for curling). I first did the lengthening side, then curling side, switched eyes and did the same. Then went back in for a second coat on each eye with the same technique. Results were lengthened and non-flakey, natural looking eye lashes! I'm sure you can go in with more coats for a more dramatic look if you'd like. Highly recommend and hope this works for you as well!

Great mascara

Since tranistioning to "clean" mascara, I have tried about a dozen. Mostly, they smeared or flaked. The last one I had been using was fine if I used a clear mascara over the top, but it dried out quickly and would leave clumps that ended up below my eyes, but still it was tolerable. I got this mascara about a week ago, and it is fabulous! It is much more liquidy, which means no clumps get stuck to my lashes that fall off during the day. It lasts all day with no smears or flaking. I usually sleep in it, and it still looks good the next morning. I also have had no problems removing it with my regular cleanser.