Some Beauty Trends You Need To Know About High-Quality Beauty Products

Some Beauty Trends You Need To Know About High-Quality Beauty Products

2020 was one of the worst years in human history, but the resilience of human civilization shone through, and we found a way to do most of what we needed to do even though we were stuck inside most of the time. That is true for the beauty niche as well. Everyone with free time all of a sudden started putting it to use by creating something, whether it was a new shirt, kitschy eye makeup looks, a fresh loaf of banana bread, and many other things. The beauty niche changed a lot over 2020 from the way we approach beauty, self-care, and self-expression with the online audience. 

We saw many skincare and beauty trends that outlived random spurts of energy or social media trends all throughout the year, and there are many to come this year. We here at Bold & Butiful specialize in providing people with high-quality beauty products at an affordable price to ensure they get the best value for their money for beauty and skincare. 

So we know all there is to know about beauty trends that are appearing in 2021, and we thought we should let you know what they are to help you find the best beauty products and create a winning beauty and skincare routine. Whether you want to be ahead of the curve, you're a curious skincare enthusiast, or you prefer to stay out of the mainstream. In the following passages, we will tell you about the best beauty trends in 2021 so that you can create the best possible skincare routine. So without further delay, let's begin!

Going Natural

Even though there was plenty of crazy experimental makeup looks in 2020, according to experts, the "au natural" look is going to prevail. With travel being restricted in many parts of the country and vaccination efforts still not being complete, people are getting tired of getting all dolled up to only stay inside. 

That's why many are going makeup-less and embracing their bare skin, imperfections and all. More and more people are looking for "glowing skin" and "natural everyday makeup." Instead of overly done ultra-filled "bushy" brows, people are aesthetically moving towards dewy skin, visibly sun-kissed freckles, natural lashes, and natural brows instead of the overly done ultra-filled "bushy" brows. The trend is moving towards embracing what you've got. 

In 2021 we think the beauty gurus are going in a different direction where they will look to make subtle enhancements to their features now more than ever. Instead of using a stodgy foundation, think cream-based concealers and balms. Beauty products like skin tints, tinted moisturizers, and BB creams are on the rise. From what it looks like, the days of waking up an hour before work to apply a full face of makeup are going away. 


This trend falls right along as one of the biggest trends that have been growing for the last few years and have been compounded by the events that unfolded in 2020. More and more people are looking to simplify their skincare routines. Skincare is another form of self-care. It is often ritualistic and gentle, and elaborate. However, people are saving it as a rare treat now and instead are looking to simplify their skincare routines. 

There is no more time for a 12 step routine. Nowadays, people are looking for tried-and-true grab-and-go best beauty products that help get your skin prepped for your no-makeup makeup look. That's what skinimalism is, and it's one of the biggest trends you can notice when buying high-quality beauty products.

No Maskne

One of the most common beauty problems that the pandemic brought on is the acne created by masks, in other words, "maskne." Frontline workers know most about this phenomenon, and that's true even for the eternally clear-skinned people. Maskne pops up because of the area where masks trap makeup and bacteria. 

That's why beauty companies are trying to create products that specifically target maskne. In addition, high-quality beauty products like soothing facial sprays and face masks with aloe vera are expected to see a rise in demand because these are known to give your skin a break and make going out exciting again. 

Mask-Proof Makeup

Mask-Proof Makeup - best beauty products - Boldbutiful

Masks have already changed how we do our makeup, as trapping your makeup into your mask can cause maskne, staining, and smudging. Now, the demand for high-quality beauty products isn't going anywhere, but we are expected to see a rise in demand for mask-proof makeup until the masks are gone completely. The list of mask-proof makeup includes things like liquid matte lipsticks, lip liners, blush, and concealer that won't budge from a bit of moisture.

Hygiene Is Ever More Important

During the pandemic, one of the most popular topics in the beauty industry is hygiene in our everyday lives, including our beauty routines. Especially now, with the constant need for hand sanitization when touching places, even our own faces' hygiene is even more critical than ever. That's one of the reasons why beauty product makers are getting into boutique hand sanitizing scents and formulas popping up from major brands and local soap makers and handcrafters as well. 

Along with that, we see the demand for hand creams to show your hands some love and hydration going up. Glossier is capitalizing on the trend with never-before-seen hand creams for free frontline workers and their tired, dry hands. There are also products like antibacterial hair care products like shampoos and sprays, along with high-quality beauty products like antimicrobial makeup brushes. 

Microbiome Balancing

This trend might seem counterproductive, but trust us, it is accurate and significant for your skincare. More and more people are trying to "feed" and balance the bacteria on our faces. Like in our guts and on every surface of our bodies. Our faces, too, are covered in billions of bacteria and microorganisms that make up our microbiome.  

Whenever the "bad bacteria" outweigh the good and that results in acne and other skin problems. However, when the "good" bacteria outweigh the bad, it helps you balance your skin's pH and strengthen the skin barrier. Therefore, more and more beauty products include prebiotics and probiotics that will help you maintain and balance your skin's natural microbiome.

Blue Light Protection

There is no doubt that blue is a big proponent of whatever's terrible for our skin. It causes the skin to look drab, cause cell shrinkage and death, pigmentation, and even acne. In addition, the UVA/UVB rays from looking at screens for 12 hours may cause damage to our skin. Now that the world has gone virtual, we may be at even higher risk of blue light exposure. 

That's one of the reasons why SPF has become a staple of our skincare routines, and we could be seeing a rise in demand for anti-blue light products to do the same. Beauty products that help with blue light protection are turmeric, licochalcone, and algae. Whether it's a complete routine, a toner, or a "blue light block" cream, we see these beauty products top the charts in 2021. 

Plant-Based Skincare

Plant-based skincare isn't an expensive option for anyone anymore. However, the products aren't rare, nor are the availability of plant-based beauty products online. One of the reasons it has grown in popularity so much is that these products ensure your skincare remains simple, clean, and effective. Along with plant-based diets, there is an increase in demand for high-quality plant-based skincare and beauty products. In addition, some brands are rolling out natural products filled with luxurious ingredients, floral scents, and fruit extracts. So be sure to keep an eye out for this trend. 

Sustainable Skincare Is On The Rise

Sustainability is now at the forefront of people's minds, and we are now more aware of whatever purchases we make and their impact on the planet. That's true for people who buy beauty products as well. Consumers nowadays are asking questions like Where and how were the ingredients harvested?" "What is the packaging made of, and can it be recycled or refilled?" "What happens when this product is mixed in with our waterways?" That means the idea of sustainable skincare is only going to rise in 2021. 

Do It Yourself

One of the biggest trends, or maybe even the most significant trend in beauty, was the DIY beauty trend. The pandemic has made us hair colorists, makeup artists, and masseuses. Whether it's out of necessity, boredom, or a bit of both, we've developed a "bring it on mentality," and it made us take our self-care and haircare into our own hands. Now, many of us are looking to take on skincare treatments like peels, light exposures, and hair removal from the comfort of our homes. With some experience, people are limiting how much they need to go to fancy salons or spas. 

That's why DIY or at-home beauty products and skincare treatments and devices are going to see a rise in demand. This year it's all about going lean, mean, and green. People are looking for skincare products and routines that are simpler while also achieving their desired finished looks. 2021 is considered the year of the "glow up" with people looking for dewy, fresh, glowing skin without introducing harsh chemicals or foreign ingredients on their skin, and they are looking to do it themselves.

Best Place To Buy Beauty Products Online

So there you go, these are some of the biggest trends about beauty products you need to know about. In the last year, we saw changes in behavior amongst consumers and noticed these trends developing. If you believe in any of the trends mentioned above and are looking for sustainably made high-quality beauty products, then Bold & Butiful can help you out. 

We specialize in housing the best beauty and skincare products at an affordable rate. So if you are looking for high-quality beauty products or have any questions regarding our products or any other queries regarding the beauty industry, then feel free to get in touch. You can also drop your queries in the comments below or hit us up on our socials, and we will get back to you. And with that being said, that's about all we have for you today. We will get back to you with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!